Abhi Martin

In honour of Abhi Martin (31/8/89 - 14/12/06). This is a place where Abhi's friends and well-wishers can leave tributes in memory of our recently departed loved one.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It was four years ago today

Spirit comes to rest in his final abode and contemplates his journey. I say 'his', but Spirit is androgynous. As he looks back on his many stops, first with one family and then another, he may recall a couple of snapshots from each. We take this one lifetime so seriously, as if it was everything. We lament the passing of one, forgetting that for one who has taken his first breath, he must take his last.

Abhi hasn't left us, he has simply moved on, at least as far as our three dimensional reality is concerned. As I have written previously, he is more accessible to us now, because simply by thinking of him, he is with us in Spirit. I loved Abhi when he was with us, I love him now and will continue to love him. One day we will meet in Spirit but for now, there's nothing more to be done than celebrate his passing and now there is nothing more to be said here.